Monday, April 19, 2010

life-yui (bleach ending 5) lyrics

Doro darake yo najimenai tokai de

Onaji you ni waraenai utsumuite aruita no
Isogiashi de surechigau hito-tachi
Yume wa kanaimashita ka?
Atashi mada moagaite iru
Kodomo no koro ni modoru yori mo
Ima o umaku ikite mitai yo
kowagari wa umaretsuki
Hi no ataru basho ni dete
ryoute wo hirogete mita nara
'Ano sora koete yukeru kana?'
Tobitatsu tame no tsubasa
Sore wa mada mienai
Kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru

Nureta koinu hiroi ageta dakede
Cotto nuraechau hodo
Namida ga hoborete hita
Aisaretai aisaretai bakari
Atashi ite ita yo ne
Motomeru dake ja dame na
Kodomo no goro wa mama no koto
Hideku kizutsuketa hi mo atta yo ne
kawaritai ima zenbu

Hi no ataru basho ni dete
kono te wo tsuyoku nigitte mita
ano basho ano toki mo kowashitte
I can change my life!
Demo kokoro no naka subete wo
totemo tsutaekirenai
Kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru

Hi no ataru basho ni dete
Chizu wo hirogete miru kedo
I know.. You know
Mayoimichi mo shikata nai
I can change my life!

Sugite kita hibi zenbu de
Ima no atashi nanda yo
kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru

What a Dream can possibly mean part 2

did you see any colors in your dream>?
red= is a sign of love or anger.
dark blue= shows you're feeling fed up.
yellow= signifies light, sunshine or laughter.
black= means you're letting things get to you.
white= is promissing. you may figure out an answer to a problem or face new things.
orange= signifies confidence or lack of it
pink= is full of optimism and happiness
green= dreams are about healling
light blue= is optimistic

were there any numbers in your dream?
1. all about you
2. your life feels slightly imbalanced
3. get arty and creative
4. suggest you have hard work ahead
5. go for adventure!
6. if linked to a person, it shows honesty
7. time to shop dallying and get going!
8. brings luck for those who worl hard
9. a large helping of kindness and TLC
10. something's going perfectly!

what was happening to you in your dream?
climbing= shows you're ambitious
falling= shows fears or hang-ups
getting lost= signifies loneliness,or being unsettled with close ones
being chased= shows worries that you won't have to face
being late= shows that you fear letting people down
*saw it at girls guide to life, miles kelly publishing

What a Dream can possibly mean

the things you dream about can give clue to thoughts that have been buried during daytime.

seeing an object in your dream?
> baby :welcome to happiness, big time! watch out love-wise, though- someone fancies you!
> birthday: hurray! you're about to enter a trouble-free spell in your life.
> bread: if you're eating it, it's a sign of good health. if you see it, a risk you take will be successful.
> breathing : being out of breath means you're feeling guilty about something you did ages ago.
> cat : a black cat in a dream brings luck. most other cat dreams , though, are bad news. your love life could be in trouble , or someone at school is interfering in a negative way,
> chess :win or lose? if you won your game, you're having a successful time socially. if you lost,it's a sign you're aiming to high.
> chocolate: you're in a good patch right now- make the most of it.
> Christmas : good times ahead! friendship , health and love are all looking good.
> death: means you're feeling pessimistic. in fact, dreaming of your own death is a sign of good health and luck on the way~
> dog: friends are going to help you out. unless the dog is growling, then don't trust them. if the dog bites someone it means you're being stubborn or something.
> falling : a really common thing to dream about, but a sign of loss( of money or love) rather than anything really scary.
> fighting: dreamin you're in a fight isn't good, especially if you're in love or going on a jouney. watch out for enemies.
> flowers : a sign of happiness and good luck. bright , colourful flowers mean someone has been very kind to you.
> flying : dreaming of flying is a positive thing. it suggests a feeling of freedom and being control of your life.
> fountain : a great sign ( showing good fortune, health and wealth), but if the water is dirty, shows trouble and bitterness.
> hiding : loose up a bit- you're crowding someone or being too hard on yourself.
> monster : as you expect, it's really not a good thing to dream about. you may be feeling lil bit depressed- try to focus on the reasons why and change them for the better tp get rid of the monsters in your dream.
> moon: a sign of hope and harmony, and good for your love life.
> nakedness : it's common to dream that you're naked and it shows you feel vunerable. talk to someone about any worries you may have.
> sheep : yay! a sign of good fortune, unless they're running away from you, in which case you're feeling picked on.
> snakes : watch out! someone's tryin to ruin your love life or ur money matters.
> star : a sign that u have faith in your own abilities and ambitions to rise above the rest
> storm : be careful! there may be dangers ahead, so lean on others for help if u need it.
> swan : a good sign - luck, love or money is coming your way
> teeth : mostly a bad sign, although if you're havin a filling, good things are ahead.
> thunder : hearing thunder shows that you're worried about someone getting angry with u
> trees : climbing trees, or seeing trees full of leaves or fruit, are great signs for the future. a tree in a storm represents famil problems,and one being cut down signifies the lost of a friendship.
* saw it on girls guide to life, miles kelly publishing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this one is my photoshoot by steven cerreva. really love it.
he's also good in editing pictures!
the girl with me in the picture below wearing yellow t-shirt is linda!
she's one of my bestfriend since primary school until now :D

overed by mercy & franky for a photo shoot .
they're actually pretty good .
here is some of the results :-DD
pictures edited by fenni yorena,my sister. :)) special thx to her

Monday, April 5, 2010

I finally learn how to play a song using guitar.
taylor swift's breathe song is my first learning guitar song.
i learned it for 4 hours just now.
if u want to learn it, this link can help u I hope :-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is my home-made ice cream.
i try to make it by my self , jackfruit flavour + no sugar.
its so yum but melts quicker than usual ice-cream~