Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Dream can possibly mean part 2

did you see any colors in your dream>?
red= is a sign of love or anger.
dark blue= shows you're feeling fed up.
yellow= signifies light, sunshine or laughter.
black= means you're letting things get to you.
white= is promissing. you may figure out an answer to a problem or face new things.
orange= signifies confidence or lack of it
pink= is full of optimism and happiness
green= dreams are about healling
light blue= is optimistic

were there any numbers in your dream?
1. all about you
2. your life feels slightly imbalanced
3. get arty and creative
4. suggest you have hard work ahead
5. go for adventure!
6. if linked to a person, it shows honesty
7. time to shop dallying and get going!
8. brings luck for those who worl hard
9. a large helping of kindness and TLC
10. something's going perfectly!

what was happening to you in your dream?
climbing= shows you're ambitious
falling= shows fears or hang-ups
getting lost= signifies loneliness,or being unsettled with close ones
being chased= shows worries that you won't have to face
being late= shows that you fear letting people down
*saw it at girls guide to life, miles kelly publishing