Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Dream can possibly mean

the things you dream about can give clue to thoughts that have been buried during daytime.

seeing an object in your dream?
> baby :welcome to happiness, big time! watch out love-wise, though- someone fancies you!
> birthday: hurray! you're about to enter a trouble-free spell in your life.
> bread: if you're eating it, it's a sign of good health. if you see it, a risk you take will be successful.
> breathing : being out of breath means you're feeling guilty about something you did ages ago.
> cat : a black cat in a dream brings luck. most other cat dreams , though, are bad news. your love life could be in trouble , or someone at school is interfering in a negative way,
> chess :win or lose? if you won your game, you're having a successful time socially. if you lost,it's a sign you're aiming to high.
> chocolate: you're in a good patch right now- make the most of it.
> Christmas : good times ahead! friendship , health and love are all looking good.
> death: means you're feeling pessimistic. in fact, dreaming of your own death is a sign of good health and luck on the way~
> dog: friends are going to help you out. unless the dog is growling, then don't trust them. if the dog bites someone it means you're being stubborn or something.
> falling : a really common thing to dream about, but a sign of loss( of money or love) rather than anything really scary.
> fighting: dreamin you're in a fight isn't good, especially if you're in love or going on a jouney. watch out for enemies.
> flowers : a sign of happiness and good luck. bright , colourful flowers mean someone has been very kind to you.
> flying : dreaming of flying is a positive thing. it suggests a feeling of freedom and being control of your life.
> fountain : a great sign ( showing good fortune, health and wealth), but if the water is dirty, shows trouble and bitterness.
> hiding : loose up a bit- you're crowding someone or being too hard on yourself.
> monster : as you expect, it's really not a good thing to dream about. you may be feeling lil bit depressed- try to focus on the reasons why and change them for the better tp get rid of the monsters in your dream.
> moon: a sign of hope and harmony, and good for your love life.
> nakedness : it's common to dream that you're naked and it shows you feel vunerable. talk to someone about any worries you may have.
> sheep : yay! a sign of good fortune, unless they're running away from you, in which case you're feeling picked on.
> snakes : watch out! someone's tryin to ruin your love life or ur money matters.
> star : a sign that u have faith in your own abilities and ambitions to rise above the rest
> storm : be careful! there may be dangers ahead, so lean on others for help if u need it.
> swan : a good sign - luck, love or money is coming your way
> teeth : mostly a bad sign, although if you're havin a filling, good things are ahead.
> thunder : hearing thunder shows that you're worried about someone getting angry with u
> trees : climbing trees, or seeing trees full of leaves or fruit, are great signs for the future. a tree in a storm represents famil problems,and one being cut down signifies the lost of a friendship.
* saw it on girls guide to life, miles kelly publishing.