Saturday, September 25, 2010

a wish

they say a GOOD shoes will lead you to a GOOD place.
and my shoes have done well *Laugh :-D
I really love this shoes among my other shoes for school because IMO it is cute plus makes us look like a neat & tidy person.
(see...I captured it at my school, 6.35 a.m)

i enjoy going to school everyday meeting my friends..
Without realizing we've all now become the seniors among those other *cute juniors.
i really love my friends, each of them. especially from XII science A, it's like deeply inside my heart i really love each of them without any exception :D
I really thank them for filling my days with JOY each day *really!

what i really wish right now is that "all" the 12 graders can all past the National Examination and graduate SHS
(I hope God will listen to my prayers -_- please..please..please...)


fenni yorena said...

you will pass d00d, because you know the trick already.. to the rhomaIramaness XD

nikki yorena said...

suaaaa lol...
good luck on ur ielts tomorrow