Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St Valentine

this past 14th February,Valentine's Day,
 I gave some of my closest friends this cupcake!
Ooohkay, I didn't make it, because I don't bake,
But I'm the one who decorated that with aaaallll My heart :)
*for real
the worst part is to carry stuffs to class
I totally look like weirdo carrying huge bag
but my friends said thanks tough :)
I hope they like it

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

swifty swift

lovin the look of taylor swift in straight hair

Michael Brian Photoshoot For Us weekly


suggested by my friend Christine to watch, recently I'm into anime again.
so there's been a lot of anime I've been watching and one of them is
Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
( there's no way my little sister can be this cute )
the story is quite simple.
it's about a 17 YO main character named Kyosuke. He was not close with his sister.

 However, this suddenly changes when he find out about her little sis' hidden eroge and later learns that his sis is an otakuhis sister is 14 YO girl named Kirino who is almost flawless at school. besides working as a photoshoot model,she becomes a novelist,and uses the funds to support her hobby secretly.
she could not talk to anyone about her hobby,
but finally she some friends from  "Anime Girls Unite!" group on the Internet
a lot of stuffs happen until then
Kirino's dad and best friend (who looked down on otaku) found out about her eroge and secret hobby


Monday, March 28, 2011

this teeny tiny thing :)

recently my friend, julia texted me. she told me and some other friends that her dog gave birth..
i replied her "Congratulation and Celebration" :D :D
so, i came to visit her house the next day,,
her puppies are SO ADORABLE !
its just the size of my hand XD

she told me I could have one
*still thinking of a good name for a pup :)

mommy Dog breastfeeding
oh ya, she also told me that dogs should not be given foods such as
grapes, onion, and chocolate because of the potentials of toxicity..
trust me, I would never ever feed that to my future pup :)
for more information, i start googling :)
here are more list of food to avoid so we can prevent poisoning and keep our dog healthy

grapes and raisins
caffeinated items
macadamia nuts
fish (raw, canned or cooked)
raw meat
alcohol and yeast dough
rotten or moldy food

*hope it helps :)