Monday, March 28, 2011

this teeny tiny thing :)

recently my friend, julia texted me. she told me and some other friends that her dog gave birth..
i replied her "Congratulation and Celebration" :D :D
so, i came to visit her house the next day,,
her puppies are SO ADORABLE !
its just the size of my hand XD

she told me I could have one
*still thinking of a good name for a pup :)

mommy Dog breastfeeding
oh ya, she also told me that dogs should not be given foods such as
grapes, onion, and chocolate because of the potentials of toxicity..
trust me, I would never ever feed that to my future pup :)
for more information, i start googling :)
here are more list of food to avoid so we can prevent poisoning and keep our dog healthy

grapes and raisins
caffeinated items
macadamia nuts
fish (raw, canned or cooked)
raw meat
alcohol and yeast dough
rotten or moldy food

*hope it helps :)