Wednesday, March 14, 2012

do you guys love cakes and sweets ?
I'm always mesmerized by how much details can cake decorators or pastry chefs put in their cakes.


unfortunately when you buy cute cakes, u can't keep them for a long time.
so you might wanna get this real cute Japanese cake folding paper :)

this is how it should look like inside. it also came all along with the folding instructions which is quite simple to follow

if u have a friend like mine who loves cake or cute stuffs, you can give it to her. she'll love it.
so, I pretended to be a delivery person that day and gave it to my best friend.
we laughed like silly that day but I'm glad she like it :)

and Oh! the other folding paper was the one my sis once bought me.
I folded that in the previous month but i forgot to post.
there are steak, omelete, onigiri, sausage, etc.

folding instructions are provided as well :)

my bad, I can only show you guys the picture of the steak because by the time I'm done folding the others, my friends came to my house to watch dvd together and they said the foldings were cute, so I just gave them and forgot to take any pictures > <

I hope you guys enjoy :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today is the last day of exam and yeah FINALLY semester break ! 
there were a lot of distraction during the process of my study.
and yes i ended up taking pictures of myself that one night because i got bored studying
but some how i'm pretty confident i won't fail a subject :)
desperate face
anyway, the purpose of this post is actually
just to show you guys what i painted a few hours ago :)

happy holiday !